Catered to the needs of Small and Medium Enterprise (SME). With up to 70% funding, you can enjoy our HPB approved programmes such as Health Talks from as low as $185 per session.

Popular programmes:

Chronic Disease Management

  • Health Screening + Follow-up


  • The Forgotten but Essential Nutrient: Dietary Fibre
  • Tips to Staying Healthy in Your Golden Years
  • Be Trim and Fit: Your Key To a Healthier You
  • Sweet Tooth, Bitter Harvest: Let's BEAT Diabetes
  • Cancer Facts You Cannot Ignore: Are You Next In Line?

Mental Wellness

  • Converting Stresses to Successes
  • Effective Keys to Resilience: Bouncing back from adversities
  • Emotional Fitness for Women 
  • Relaxed Body: Progressive Muscle Relaxation
  • Shifting from staff burnout to Engagement